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Thermal Interposers with Nano Structures
Thermal Interposers with Nano-Structure EnhancementsThis invention manages thermal challenges in increasingly high power applications and “hot” chip packages. For microelectronics and laser companies using high power packages, Binghamton University thermal interposer technology provides a means for integrated circuits to dissipate heat ...
Published: 7/22/2016   |   Inventor(s): Wayne Jones, Bahgat Sammakia
Category(s): Electronics
Method and Pattern of Dispensing Thermal Interface Materials
Method and Pattern for Dispensing Thermal Interface MaterialsThis invention relates to thermal interfaces between microprocessor chips and cooling devices and to a method of forming thinner TIM layers more rapidly, with reduced squeezing force, and that avoids a requirement for modifying the microprocessor chip and/or cooling device.The amount and ...
Published: 7/22/2016   |   Inventor(s): Drew Davidson, Bahgat Sammakia
Category(s): Electronics
Novel Mixing Techniques for Microchannel Flows
Devices and Fluid Flow Methods for Improving MixingThe ability to control mixing of reagents in MEMS systems is crucial for many biological and chemical analysis applications. However, mixing in these microscale devices is a challenge because the flows are laminar corresponding to very low Reynolds number.Binghamton University engineers have design...
Published: 1/28/2016   |   Inventor(s): Bahgat Sammakia, Siddarth Bhopte, Bruce Murray
Category(s): Engineering
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